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Need a Rugby Ref? You've come to the right place. There are two ways to request a ref, depending on your situation.

Questions? Check out our FAQs

single game


We use RefUp as our allocations system.

Log in or sign up to request a ref:



RefUp is rather intuitive to use, but there are a few things you need to know before getting started:


You pay as you go

In order to get a referee, you need to provide a payment method. If you don’t provide a payment method, your game will be saved, but no referee will be assigned. Game fee is charged after each game and an invoice is sent via email.

Assignment timeline:

Referees are assigned 3 days after the game is entered into the system, or 10 days before the match, whichever comes last (i.e. if you enter a game 8 days before kickoff, your referee will be assigned 5 days before kickoff).

Make contact:

When you are assigned a referee, make contact with her or him and exchange cellphones in case something changes before kickoff. Your assigned referee can be seen here.

Cancellation or change:

To cancel a game or change a time/venue, login to RefUp and make the changes.




For help on RefUp click here.

you can also email

This form is used to request referees and determine the number of referees needed and will be used to setup the tournament in WhosTheRef and initiate the billing process.

Choose a time
Choose a time
Select an option

Thanks for submitting!


Match Type
Match Official
Match Fee
Single Game
$150 per Ref*
Single Game
Other Official**
$75 per official
Tournament - Half Day
Tournament - Full Day

*Middle school games are $80 per referee

**Only applies if the club specifically requested Assistant Referees or a 4th Official.



  • Any changes (e.g. location/venue, kick-off time, etc.) within 7 days of the scheduled game could result in the loss of assigned match official(s).

  • To contact, click on the ref's name here.

  • If a club cancels a match with less than 24 hours’ notice, the club may still be billed for the match.

  • Canceling a match within Refup is the match organizer's responsibility

  • Should an official become unavailable after contact and without replacement, Potomac will credit the club for 1/2 the match fee (in addition to no charge for the assignment).

  • Should a referee fail to show without notice for a match after contact, Potomac will credit the club for a full match fee (in addition to no charge for the assignment).

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