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Kristen Clardy


Kristen has been involved in rugby since 2015, when she realized she needed to learn the game in order to see her then-boyfriend on Saturdays. She has since fallen in love with the sport due to its values of inclusivity and sportsmanship. She played for a short time with the Furies in Washington, DC as a flanker and 2nd row, retiring after realizing picking up a contact sport after the age of 30 was ill-advised.

As a coach with Washington DC Youth Rugby, Kristen began the rugby programs at Anacostia High School and Ron Brown High School. She has worked with area football teams to teach rugby-style tackling in their programs and continues to be a rugby evangelist in her day job as a high school math teacher.

Kristen picked up the whistle in 2019, and has enjoyed putting her logistical skills to work, most recently as the Referee Liaison for the USA v. New Zealand test match in October 2021. Kristen’s lifetime love of logic puzzles is being put to good use as the Allocations officer for Potomac. She currently lives in Washington, DC with her husband and their cat, Scrummie.

Kristen Clardy
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